About Us

Parrott Design Studio is a letterpress studio in Sebago, a lake town in Western Maine. We letterpress print greeting cards and handmade goods for nature lovers & believers in everyday magic in our rural farmhouse. We love printing on old presses and keeping the art of letterpress alive with fresh designs in our signature simple and lovely hand lettered style. Created on eco-friendly and sustainably produced papers, our paper goods are 100% made in the USA, most of which are produced in-house by us!

The studio was established in 2007 by Sarah Parrott with a small Print Gocco, an inexpensive and easy to use screen printing tool that originated in Japan. That same year she took her first course in letterpress, learning to use a Vandercook press. In 2008 she purchased her own press, an 1898 Golding Jobber platen press. At the time there were no courses to learn on that type of press, and she spent a year teaching herself how to use it. She fell in love with the centuries-old artisinal printing technique and the process of feeding the press one piece at a time, one color at a time. In 2010 she left her job as an event planner to pursue Parrott Design Studio full time.

If you would like to learn a bit more about Sarah and Parrott Design Studio, you may listen to her interview on the podcast, Proof to Product (which we highly recommend listening to all episodes!).


On any given day at the studio, you may find Sarah drawing, plating, and printing cards, as well as packaging, shipping, and keeping the whole studio running like our well-oiled presses!

10 years, two antique machines, and wonderful, ever-changing cast of team members since hiring our first intern in 2012, we stay committed to making goods rooted in a handmade process, holding ourselves to the highest standards of quality, and creating products that we love, want to give, and bring a little more happy to the world.