About Us

Parrott Design Studio is a little letterpress studio in Sebago, a lake town in Western Maine.  We design and print greeting cards and other happy paper goods in our rural farmhouse. Created on eco-friendly and sustainably produced papers, our paper goods are 100% made in the USA, most of which are made by us just for you.  Our designs are simple and lovely, fun with a touch of whimsy, inspired by vintage ephemera, flora and fauna, and candy-colored hues. We invite you to explore our collection.

Owner, designer, and printer Sarah Parrott began the studio in 2007 while working as an event planner and in-house graphic designer for a small non-profit with the idea of creating hand printed stationery that she could give as gifts to family and friends. As she started sharing more of her work, she began to receive custom requests for personalized stationery and wedding and event invitations.  Sarah took a couple letterpress courses learning how to use a Vandercook Press and purchased an 1898 Golding Jobber.  At the time, there were no courses to learn how to use a platen press, thus a year of teaching herself how to use her press began.  In 2010 she left her non-profit job to pursue Parrott Design Studio full-time.  

When she is not designing or printing, Sarah can be found with her husband, their one-year-old son, newborn daughter, and two rescue pups, going on hikes and swimming in the nearby lake, working on their barn and farmhouse, looking for her latest antique treasure, and probably baking cookies.  

Nine years, two antique machines, and wonderful, ever-changing cast of team members since hiring our first intern in 2012, we stay true to how the studio began: creating goods that we love, want to give, and brings a little more happy to the world.

The Team

Sarah | Owner, Designer, & Printer

I am the go-to gal for: Drawing and printing pretty things on paper

Favorite Color: Currently (always?) neon and blush pink, shimmery gold, mint 

Favorite PDS Product: Mini enclosure cards

I cannot leave the house without: My phone and coffee

If I could get on a plane, it would be to: Bali or Italy 

Loves: My sister’s whoopie pies, interior design, Paris, and summers on the lake in Maine

My favorite way to spend a Sunday morning: French press coffee, breakfast made by my husband, playing with our son, daughter and two rescue pups

Ariel | Studio and Accounts Manager

I am the go-to gal for: Organizing inventory, preparing orders, spiffy color coding, sending snail mail, and remembering birthdays
Favorite Color: I love all the colors! But right now peach and mint
Favorite PDS Product: Love Always card
I cannot leave the house without: Sunglasses and lip balm
If I could get on a plane, it would be to: Scandinavia 
 Plants and gardening, traveling, animals, yoga, and of course, pretty paper
My favorite way to spend a Sunday morning: A trip to the farmer's market, followed by  brunch with my family, and time spent outdoors by the ocean or in the mountains