Your design starts with a piece of paper & our correspondence. Design is done to your specifications only. I find it most helpful for you to tell me about your special occasion: Where is your wedding located? Is there a certain color or theme? What are your flowers? Any small detail that will help me understand your needs so I may turn them into reality. You can send me pictures that inspire you, pictures of your dress or your bridesmaid dresses, flowers, or the decor, or the always popular inspiration board. I will work with whatever you provide. Once we figure out what suits your design needs best, a price quote is prepared based on your project requirements.

Once your project details have been agreed upon, I will provide you with the total cost and time schedule. I require a 25% deposit prior to beginning the design process. At this time you will provide any information that you want included in the design of your project {wording of your invitation, menu, placecards, any images you want}.

I will provide 3 to 5 design options for you to review in PDF form. You will then have the opportunity to provide feedback and identify any changes you want to make or new ideas you want to incorporate. After we discuss your comments the changes will be integrated and sent to you for approval in a PDF.

I will provide you one final PDF proof and the Parrott Design Studio Contract. You will review and confirm that every detail is perfect – the layout, colors, typestyle, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Double check all dates, names, titles, addresses, email addresses, website addresses, phone numbers, and any other pertinent information is correct. Once you have given the final approval and returned the signed contract, I will invoice you for a 25% deposit.

Please understand upon approval of your final quote & receipt of the signed contract you accept responsibility for the design & typographical elements of your invitations, which includes any errors. Parrott Design Studio is not responsible for the costs associated with reprinting & shipping orders due to errors approved by you. Creating your dream wedding invitation is shared by you & me. While I will always do my best to lend an extra set of eyes, I am the designer & printer, not the editor {simply put, I am only human}. If errors are discovered after proof approval, I will reprint but I must charge.

Once the deposit and contract have been received, I will begin to print! I promise I will not print until you are completely satisfied. Depending on the time frame we determined in step 2 it may take between 3 to 4 weeks for you to receive the final printed product. Once complete, I will send a final invoice.